Capital Improvement Plan Information
As part of the proposed November 5, 2019 ballot proposal.  The City of Lowell has proposed a 12 year capital improvement plan for street improvements.  This plan was derived from funding available and in conjunction with underground utility projects throughout the first twelve years of the plan.  This plan may change as needs arise and the amount of projects which can be done based on the revenue we have.  This plan involves not only repaving and reconstruction but preventive maintenance treatments to extend life of the roads.  The plan also attempted to focus on specific neighborhoods rather than sporadically select streets to work on.   The 12 year road plan can be seen here.

Also, the City has been involved in a three year capital improvement plan assessing our water distribution, sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems.  These plans need to be tied together to ensure all of the improvement needs are being met.  Please see this information presented to the City Council from a meeting in December 2018.