Lowell Police Department

The current Lowell Police Department was formed in 1949.  It was reorganized under the city charter in 1960.  Previous to 1949, the Village of Lowell was served by elected constables.  In 1932, Officer Knapp, who may have been a Lowell police officer, Kent County deputy, was shot and killed in the village while trying to apprehend armed bank robbers fleeing from Grand Rapids. 

The current police force is comprised of 5 full-time officers, 10 part-time officers, two clerical staff and a school crossing guard.  The department provides professional public safety services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The men and women of the Lowell Police Department are proud of our community and the service we provide to it.

     Chief Steve Bukala                                                                                         Sergeant Chris Hurst
   Bukala                              Hurst

       Detective Gordy Lauren                                                                     Dispatcher Leslie Heffron                        Lauren                                   Heffron

Lowell Police Department Officers 
 Officer Scot Van Solkema                                                                                                                                  Van Solkema   

Officer Landon Kresnak
Landon Kresnak 001                                                                                                                     

Officer Andrew Coaker                                                                                 Officer Jason Diaz
Coaker                                  Diaz

Officer Mike Dean                                                                                          Officer Ed Knott
 Dean                                Knott                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Officer Dave Oesch                                                                                      

Officer Will Smith                                                                                        

Officer Mike Stephens
Department Picture
Police Cadet Jack Verhill

Aubrey Culver

aubrey culver