Local and Major Streets

The Department of Public Works - Streets Service Area is responsible for the maintenance of the City's local and major streets.  Maintenance activities include routine patching, repairs, plowing, snow removal, and sweeping.  In addition, the Streets Service Area also maintains the City's traffic signage and pavement markings, trims and removes trees within the right of way, maintain storm catch basins and culverts and assist with special events with barricading and street closures. 

To report a pothole or drain issue, please call City Hall at 616-897-8457 or email streets@ci.lowell.mi.us.

Proposed Street Improvement Plan 2021-2027

From 2016 to 2019, the City of Lowell analyzed all stormwater sewer and sanitary sewer connections as part of a grant from the State of Michigan Stormwater Asset Management Program.  The city also inventoried all connections of our water distribution system.  Through this analysis, we prepared a  comprehensive stormwater, sanitary sewer and water distribution repair and replacement program.   Shortly thereafter, the City of Lowell completed a seven year Street Asset Management Program.  This program allowed us to more freely move our Public Act 51 (gas tax) funds designated for roads between our 6.89 miles of major street and our 13.39 miles of local streets.   It was imperative to review the utilities under the ground as the one of the worst things a municipality can do is replace a street than a few years later replace the road due to having to replace the underground utility.  

Since the summer of 2020, the City has replaced the following streets:

Summer 2020
Riverside Drive - W. Main St. to Elm St.
Howard St. - Amity to N. Hudson
Elizabeth St. - Amity to N. Hudson
Suffolk St. - Amity to N. Hudson

Summer 2021
Jane Ellen St.
Amity St.
Foreman St. - Beech St. to N. Hudson (sewer replacement included)

Summer 2022
Valley Vista - Bowes Rd. to W. Main
Roberta Jayne St.
Faith St.
Heffron St. 
Church St. - W. Main to Valley Vista
West St. - Valley Vista to  Dead End

Summer 2023
Gee Drive
Monroe Street (full water and sewer replacement included)

Planned for Summer 2024
Washington Street - Front St.  to Fremont (full water and sewer replacement)
Kent St. - Washington to Jefferson
Ottawa St.  -  S. Hudson to Brook 
Lafayette St. - King to North dead end
Pine St. - Lafayette to Monroe
Grant St. - Lafayette to Washington 
Marsac St. - Lafayette to Monroe
North St.- Lafayette to Jefferson
King St. -Washington to Jefferson
High St. - Monroe to Jefferson
Sherman St. - Monroe to Washington
Brook St.

Planned for Summer  2025
Foreman St. - Gee to Beech 
Riverside Dr. - Elm to Hunt
Jackson St. 

Planned for Summer 2026 
North St.
James St.

Planned for Summer 2027
Beech St.
Hunt St.

Planned for Summer 2028
Laurie Gail 
Birchwood Ct

Planned for Summer 2029
Bowes Rd.
Carol Lynne
Elizabeth Dean

Street Plan Map 2021-2027