Adult Use Marijuana Facilities
In November 2018, Michigan voters approved Proposal 18-1, otherwise known as the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act.  58% of those who voted in the City of Lowell approved this proposal.  Based on this information the Lowell City Council approved to allow adult use marijuana facilities in the City of Lowell. 

On October 21, 2019, the Lowell City Council approved a zoning and regulatory ordinance for Adult Use Marijuana facilities.  All facilities established in the City of Lowell will be considered a special land use under our zoning ordinance. 

Facilities in the City will be allowed to be established in our commercial districts as long as they don't meet the following criteria:
  • In a residential zoning district
  • Less than 1,000 feet (nearest property line to nearest property line) from schools and preschools
  • In the Downtown District (C-2 zoning district)
  • Less than 500 feet from the C-2 zoning district
For more information on where facilities can be established please look at this map.

APPLICATIONS -  The City of Lowell will accept applications for Adult Use Marijuana Facilities in our city limits.  Attached are the regulatory application and the zoning special land use application which need to be filed.   At the time of filing the applicant will need to provide the following:

  • $ 5,000 non-refundable application fee.
  • Regulatory Use Application.
  • Zoning Special Land Use Application with a $250 application fee plus a $500 escrow fee .
  • Verification of approval from the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) that the applicant has successfully achieved the Step One Prequalification phase of the State of Michigan Adult Use Marijuana process.  Click here for more information.
  • 9 copies of your site plan for consideration by the City of Lowell Planning Commission plus a PDF version of your plan.
  • A Site Plan application fee of $100 plus a $1,000 escrow fee.

Any questions, please contact City Manager Michael Burns at 616-897-8457.