Income Tax Calculator
To use the Income Tax Calculator, you will need information from your most recent W-2 form, your state or federal tax form and your most recent property tax bill issued from the City.  Below are tabs to calculate whether you are a City or non-resident.   Your information can be entered into the areas highlighted in yellow.

Taxable Income - To determine amount of taxable income, use the Adjusted Gross Income (line 7 of your 1040 tax form or line 10 of your Michigan Individual Tax Form).  

Exemptions - The City will provide a $600 exemption for each person claimed.  List the amount of people dependents you will be claiming.  Add two exemptions if filing a joint return.  

Deductions - The following deductions are allowable for the City Income Tax.  If you have any of the following you can enter those in the Deductions tab:
  • IRA Deduction (No deduction is allowed for contributions to a ROTH IRA)
  • Employee Business Expenses
  • Moving Expenses (Military Only)
  • Alimony Paid

Property Tax Information (City Residents Only) - On either your winter or summer tax bill enter the Taxable Value Amount.  In your City tax bill it is listed under the Tax Detail information.  Do not enter your state equalized value.